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The town is situated in the far West of Germany near Duisburg and the River Rhine and is about 25 minutes from the Dutch border. It's made up of two separate parts, Neukirchen and Vluyn, plus two other villages, totalling a population of about 29,000.

There is a similarity to Buckingham in that it is a semi-rural town which is working hard to keep activities local despite the pull of large neighbouring towns. On one side are fields and forests, on the other the buzzing industrial areas of the Ruhr and Rhine - so many workers choose to come and live there and to commute. There are some industries in the town, one of which Trox GmbH: this company is a global provider of building climate control and fire protection systems (a recent contract was for Dubai's tallest building). Those who recently visited gained the impression that it has a strong and expanding engineering industry which might offer opportunities for work exchanges for any of our budding engineers. The towns came together a result of the coal mine being situated between them in the 19th century. This closed several years ago and the original slag heap is a local attraction giving pleasant views from the top!

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It is not surprising being so near to the Netherlands that there are still signs of mills in the town and thee is a famous water castle Bloemersheim. There is no railway station but is linked by bus to Moers or Duisburg. They have been twinned with Ustron in Poland for some 20 years and have a firm twinning link with Mouvaux. Like ours, their twinning committee is not part of the council.

There are already a couple of lively and friendly links between Buckingham and Neukirchen-Vluyn through the annual French/German/British/Dutch junior football tournament, in which Moretonville Junior Football Club participate, and a school exchange between The Royal Latin School and their grammar school, the Julius Stursberg Gymnasium.

The Mayor and others there involved in leading town twinning are keen to maintain these friendly links with Buckingham.


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