French come to Buckingham Carnival

The Eiffel Tower came to Buckingham, somewhat to both parties’ surprise, when our friends from Mouvaux sent a Jazz duo to whoop it up in the Buckingham Christmas Parade on 13th December. The music was wonderfully ‘cool’ – and, indeed, the players were frozen but they kept smiling and brought much enjoyment to the thousands of people who turned out to watch. 

A warm welcome was extended to Sandrine Ducret-Delsalle, deputy mayor of Mouvaux, who marched in the parade and helped John Bercow to present the prizes. Chairman Stephanie hosted Sandrine and her husband, Thomas, with daughter Margaux. Annie Millecamps came too and everyone enjoyed a lovely get together after the parade at Stephanie’s house.  

The serious business of twinning was not forgotten though as the 2015 planning meeting took place with due seriousness after the very convivial meal.

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