Bastille Boules

We gathered a day early to have our annual Bastille Day Boules Competition in the middle of Buckingham. We had to move it from the Saturday, because the logistics of getting sand laid (this is kindly done by the AVDC) are much more difficult after the area has been used as a market during the day. The day was as hot as it had been for many weeks but there was a black cloud lurking nearby and a forecast of evening showers. 

We started promptly at 7.00 pm with many registered to play and most of the first round had been completed when we felt those first few drops of rain. It came down hard at one point but we of course carried on (as we are British!). As it has been apparent over the last two years that some quite expert players had come to take part, we had planned this year to run a plate competition for first round losers. This had been publicised and announced beforehand but we found as we tried to run it that a lot of those who might have been involved had been driven away by the rain.  

However we had enough people to complete both competitions and the finals were keenly fought. David and Brian received stiff competition from two youngsters (pictured) and it was a close-call before they won the cups for this year. Alick and Debbie were the worthy winners of the salvers. 

Throughout the evening we enjoyed a barbecue run by the Scrase family and some very respectable wine (what else from this reliable source) from Ron and Muriel Gleeson, which kept us going. As we ended the evening two side-effects of the rain became apparent. Valerie, as Recorder, found that she had been sitting in a pool of water in her deck chair and we were all covered in ‘stick’ from the lime trees above us. 

However the whole event was voted a great success once again. A large number of spectators came to enjoy watching the games and to enjoy the company in a convivial occasion. Well done to players and organisers alike

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