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We are aimed at all ages, no language skills are necessary and we have great travel and exchange opportunities

This is your association

We are here to help all the residents of Buckingham and the surrounding area to find out if there is a link, and hopefully a friend, for you in our twin towns of Mouvaux, near Lille in France or Neukirchen-Vluyn near Düsseldorf in Germany.

The BTA, established in 2002, is successfully growing relationships with our friends in France and Germany, creating a shared sense of community. Many people from each town have met, made friends, stayed in each other's houses and shared ideas about their interests. Now we want YOU!

Young People

We welcome all young people and are interested in you helping us grow activities you would like to do.

7th April Committee Meeting via Zoom*
5th May Committee Meeting via Zoom*
Week Regular Monthly/Weekly Social/Linguistic Events (usually Wednesdays) Venue
2 German Social Evening via Zoom*
3 "Social & Cultural Evening" No language skills required via Zoom*
4 "Rendez-vous des amis" Via Zoom*

* For Zoom: please contact secretary@buckinghamtwinning.org.uk
for an invite link if you would like to join us


We welcome people from all age groups who are interested in visiting our twin towns and /or reciprocating hospitality.


Coffee, Croissants & Kuchen

7th March 2020
This year we introduced a short twinning quiz for our coffee, croissants and Kuchen guests. Full report coming soon.
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Formal Twinning with Neukirchen Vluyn

15th February 2020
The middle weekend in February saw a group of 12 people from Buckingham in Neukirchen-Vluyn, our twin town in Germany, for the signing of the treaty to confirm the full twinning arrangements with them.  We have had a friendship agreement...
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Twinning Quiz Night

8th February 2020
Our Quiz Night in February filled the village hall in Maids Moreton. Rounds included testing our knowledge of our partner towns' respective countries. A thoroughly enjoyable night for all ages.
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BAFA Art Exhibition 2019

16th November 2019
Again another year of some excellent entries for the art exhibition here in Buckingham, including representations from our twin towns as well as local artists.
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Eurostar train from Calais

Small Group Visit to Mouvaux

8th November 2019
Eurostar travel is fabulously efficient and delivered four of us dead on time in Lille but Faites attention!”Lille-Europe station is being transformed... Two hours later, once our group had been reunited chez Annie, all went amazingly well, beginning with the most important Twinning...
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BTA Visits to and from Neukirchen-Vluyn

20th October 2019
Early on Friday morning September 13th, two intrepid couples set off to drive to Neukirchen-Vluyn, with the boot of the car filled with goods produced in Buckingham ie. Wine from the Gawcott Vineyard, Cider, small samples of fruit flavoured Gin, honey and...
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2019 Annual Boules Competition

14th July 2019
The Annual Boules competition took place in the cattle pens. This year the weather held and ice-cream was even available. See you again in 2020!
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Coffee, Croissants and Kuchen

2nd February 2019
On a cold and frosty day we were delighted to welcome a stream of visitors to our annual winter get-together over coffee, croissants and kuchen in the Mouvaux Hall. A willing band of helpers served the refreshment and people wandered...
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Buckingham Community Fair

15th December 2018
The Twinning Association had a stall at the Buckingham Community Fair held in the Community Centre immediately after the 2018 Christmas Parade. We had a bagatelle set which proved very popular with the children and a 'name the teddy' competition. Teddy...
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Mouvaux Marche Noel 2018

11th December 2018
The first weekend in December saw five members of the Twinning Association heading to Mouvaux for the annual Marche de Noel, at which Buckingham had a stand.  After an uneventful journey in two cars using the tunnel we reached the...
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School Exchange Visit

8th December 2018
Thirteen (lucky!) students set off from Birmingham airport to be with their German exchange partners for a whole week. This year it was a very special occasion because it was the 10th anniversary of the student exchange between the Royal...
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BAFA Art Exhibition 2018

18th November 2018
A very impressive exhibition of local paintings organised by the BAFA took place in the Community Centre 16-18 November. We were delighted that four paintings were sent over from two artists in Mouvaux to join those from the Buckingham area...
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4 Towns Twinning Exhibition in Mouvaux

4th November 2018
A weekend in marvellous Mouvaux! At the invitation of the Twinning Association of Mouvaux, Julie and I spent a weekend in this delightful town to which Buckingham is twinned. Nestling in the suburbs of Lille, Mouvaux blossoms with beautiful buildings...
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Wine and Cheese

5th October 2018
'Wine & Cheese-time with Ron' again!   Friday October 5th saw a full hall, 8 great wines and cheeses to share, an explanation or anecdote with each one and what have you got? Fifty very happy people, too busy sipping, nibbling,...
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International Youth Forum

29th September 2018
At the end of September, two pupils, Harvey Witter and Thomas Gray, from the Royal Latin School were invited to take part in the International Youth Forum in Buckingham's partner town in Germany. The topic of this year's forum was...
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Lille Heritage Weekend

18th September 2018
A small group of us visited Mouvaux on the weekend of 15-18 September with the specific intention of taking advantage of the Lille Heritage weekend. This is organised in much the same way as ours the week earlier when places...
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Summer Barbecue

18th August 2018
Many will remember how hot it has been this Summer. We celebrated this by a very enjoyable event hosted by John Murray in his wonderful garden. John was a a terrific host and with suitable help took charge of the...
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Bastille Boules

13th July 2018
We gathered a day early to have our annual Bastille Day Boules Competition in the middle of Buckingham. We had to move it from the Saturday, because the logistics of getting sand laid (this is kindly done by the AVDC)...
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Square Dance Weekend

29th April 2018
Square Dancing Weekend. We were delighted to receive a visit of 19 people from Neukirchen Vluyn on a rather wet weekend of 27-29 April to enjoy our hospitality. 13 of the group were keen square dancers, some of which had...
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10th November 2017
St Martinsmarkt was held in Vluyn, part of Neukirchen-Vluyn on the second weekend in November. According to legend St Martin was a bishop of Tours in France who gave half his cloak to a homeless person to save him freezing...
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Small Group Visit to Buckingham

28th September 2017
We were pleased to welcome a group from Neukirchen-Vluyn at the end of September 2017: some of them had been before but for others it was their first visit. After a buffet lunch with Sue, the group of 8 met...
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Mouvaux Students Come to Visit

6th May 2017
On Tuesday 19 May over 50 students from Mouvaux met our new Mayor, Andy Mahi. He handled their questions with aplomb, even speaking a word or two of French. The youngsters had earlier met fellow students from the Royal Latin...
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Mouvaux Marche Noel 2016

6th December 2016
Did we have any twinkling earrings? Was there any more tea? Those were some of the demands we faced as customers converged on our stall. As ever, nearly everything we took to the Mouvaux March de Noel was snapped up...
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Small Group Visit to Neukirchen-Vluyn

10th October 2016
One Friday evening in early October Paul Hirons, Jane and Howard Mordue and Sue Watkins with 4 students from the Royal Latin School flew from Birmingham to Dusseldorf at the start of a weekend visit to Neukirchen-Vluyn, with which we...
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French come to Buckingham Carnival

13th December 2014
The Eiffel Tower came to Buckingham, somewhat to both parties' surprise, when our friends from Mouvaux sent a Jazz duo to whoop it up in the Buckingham Christmas Parade on 13th December. The music was wonderfully 'cool' - and, indeed,...
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